Geometry Dash Teams from United States - 1/4

Soul Silvers by NuclearLugia[S.S] 6 members
Team Quake by Babycupquake33[TQ] 5 members
Team Superdash by Tinfoilbot65[Sd] 4 members
The Demon Grinders by Nyrus13[TDG] 3 members
Coin Collectors by dior9k[CC] 3 members
The TombSquad by tyyde[TTS] 3 members
Geometry Dash Fans by Tristanalong09[geo dash] 3 members
Magma by WayvshockGD[Magma,team] 3 members
Geometry Gamers by arissgamer[GG] 2 members
Shadow Warriors by naut05[SW] 2 members

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