Who am I?

  •  MDorb - Arseniy12304 (ArseniyTheGamer)
  • GD Account created on October 11, 2016
  • flag  Kolding, Koldingvej 181Denmark -  10 y/o
  • I used to be IPlayGDYT my old account. I was officially created my account in Oct. 11. 2016.

    Q: What gender are you?
    A: I'm a boy.

    Q: How old are you?
    A: *sigh* I'm 10 years old.

    Q: Why didn't you have the account IPlayGDYT?
    A: Well at November 19th 2017. I couldn't remember the password. But i do now.

    Q: Do you have a Youtube Accont? If you do please su-
    A: NO. I WONT SUB ON YOUR YT ACCOUNT. But i do. Check it out on my links

    And also. See ya later bois chip ahoys


  Geometry Dash Denmark Newbies!

Hey! Welcome to Geometry Dash Denmark Newbies! You can only join if you are From Denmark! Discord: (Rules - English: (Rules - Danish

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